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Join us in the new era of education

Join us in the new era of education

We are developing a new education program for the world’s first standalone VR headset – Mirage Solo Daydream by Lenovo. What is great about Mirage Solo is that it is ready to use without PC or smartphone connection. With the new technology you will be able to duck and dodge objects and move naturally in your own digital world.

The new program will be used for education purposes in school for our client Lin Education. The program will be exported to Mirage Solo and will hopefully be integrated in schools teaching curriculum. This will simplify teaching and make education for kids much more fun.

It is built with positional tracing, also known as six degrees of freedom (6DOF) which means you can move in all directions. The headset’s positional tracing is possible because of its two cameras facing outwards. With a standard 3DOF virtual reality headset you can only look up, down, to the sides and behind you, and that is it. But with 6DOF you can do all the previous mentioned, but also lean in, walk around, take a few steps backward or forward to take a closer look at an object. It will give you a feeling of being inside the digital world and the possibility to interact with it instead of feeling like being inside a 360 degrees picture like with the 3DOF virtual reality. This experience is a lot more reality like.

We are happy to be a part of this cooperation and are looking forward to seeing the development in near future.