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Event & marketing


We have produced interactive experiences for our customers for use at exhibitions and events in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, the USA, Argentina and South Korea. Participating in and demonstrating these experiences at several exhibitions and events has enabled us to gain valuable insights about the experiences. We have delivered several successful interactive experiences to companies that want to strengthen their brand, build customer loyalty and market new products at exhibitions and events.


For the Italian government, we developed an idea and production where guests sit in an actual Fiat 500 with a HTC Vive headset and drive along the beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy. What they initially saw through the VR headset was a 3D modelled interior of a Fiat 500. Through the car’s windows, they could see the Amalfi Coast filmed in 360 degrees for VR.


Today, hundreds of brands use holographic displays at exhibitions, events and in stores to engage their audience with a holographic story. The combination of animated content and a real product behind glass walls creates a dynamic experience.


3D holographic hardware that looks like a propeller and is designed for wall-mounting. HoloSpin gives the impression of videos and images hovering freely in the air. We produce the content as well as selling and renting HoloSpin.

Mixed Reality

We have built several applications for Microsoft HoloLens and other smart AR glasses that are being used at exhibitions and events. Regardless of whether you want to demonstrate an entire showroom or a product, or if you wish to visualize how something works in reality, we have the ideas as well as the experience. We also build pure entertainment applications for all types of smart AR glasses.

HypeBox Showcase

HypeBox is an integrated transparent display solution that enables you to place a real product behind a transparent display that displays digital content. HypeBox is available in sizes from 10.4″- 84″.

VR and AR games

We develop mini games for event and marketing activities compatible with the most common VR headsets, Microsoft HoloLens and AR apps for Android and Apple iOS. You do not need a ready-made game idea, we will be happy to make a few suggestions for you.


A good interactive experience often evokes positive feelings and is something visitors will remember for a long time to come.

Looking for cool interactive experiences?

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